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It will still be very difficult for us – Zaluzhny published an important post amid rumors of resignation

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This information was reported by Dialog.UA, reports URA-Inform.

In his message on his Facebook page, Zaluzhny noted that he was glad to see a person like Shaptala on his team. He added that, despite future difficulties, the team will not have to feel ashamed of having such a professional on board.

Social media users noted that this congratulation could be an attempt by the Commander-in-Chief to secure the departure of Shaptala as well.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Chief of the General Staff may leave his post together with Zaluzhny. In recent days, rumors about Shaptala's resignation have appeared in the media, but there is no official confirmation of this information yet.

Sergei Shaptala took his post in the summer of 2021, after Vladimir Zelensky was elected president.

“It will still be very difficult for us, but we will never be ashamed,” — Zaluzhny said.

Remember, not only Zaluzhny: the media revealed what Zelensky might decide to do for the sake of victory.

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