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Jackie Chan is in critical condition due to an incident on set: what is known

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Meta MMA reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

Legendary 69-year-old Chinese actor and stuntman Jackie Chan was allegedly rushed to Lin Shan Hospital in Shanghai on December 25th. Doctors assess his condition as critical.

However, the media write that all news about the artist’s hospitalization is actively deleted from Chinese social networks, and accounts that report this — are blocked.

Currently there is no official information about the martial artist’s condition; Jackie Chan’s family and friends also do not comment on his health.

There is information that Jackie Chan received a severe traumatic brain injury during the time of filming (probably the film «Project Pi») in the Balkans. Most likely, the actor had to undergo a complex operation — after all, he has long had problems with mobility.

 Chan is known precisely for the fact that for many years in a row he performed his own stunts in his films — no doubles. And therefore he regularly received quite serious injuries.

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