• 25/07/2024 11:01

Kim has a new plan for the victory of Ukraine: the head of the Nikolaev OVA said what needs to be done

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This information was reported by the “News Factory”, which interviewed Kim, reports “URA-Inform” .

According to him, it is necessary to involve all 40 million citizens of Ukraine in the struggle, and not be limited to the General Staff’s proposal to mobilize 500 thousand people. He believes that success in the war against the Russian occupation army will come if the scale of mobilization is significantly increased.

Kim expresses confidence that “the more we can mobilize, the faster Putin will surrender.” ;. He is confident that such a step will lead to Ukraine winning the confrontation with the Russian military forces that occupied the territory.

«If Putin sees that not 500 thousand people, but as many as 2 million volunteers joined the Ukrainian army, then he will probably think and say: “Oh, damn it, what should I do now?”» — Kim said, emphasizing the need for increased and massive involvement of citizens in defending the country.

Let us recall how long the Russian Federation will fight with Ukraine: Putin announced clear deadlines to Xi Jinping.

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