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NATO called on people to prepare for war: recommendations were given to people

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This information was reported by Leidsch Dagblad, reports URA-Inform.  

At the end of a two-day NATO military committee meeting in Brussels, several military leaders offered some hints that the Alliance was preparing for war in Europe.

In particular, NATO admiral< strong>Rob Bauer gave people recommendations on how to survive for several days in the event of an attack.

«There should be water and a radio in the house battery-powered and battery-powered flashlight. This way you can survive the first 36 hours», — he said.

Advising citizens to be prepared confirms Bauer's statement that in the event of hostilities, maximum cooperation of the entire society is necessary.

«For decades we had the idea that we had professional armies and that they would solve the security problems in Afghanistan or Iraq. For a new war such a professional army is not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to think again about systems such as conscription or conscription of reservists», — said Bauer.

Recall that it was previously reported that we must be prepared: that they decided to create the Baltic countries on the border with the Russian Federation.

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