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NATO started talking about sending troops into Ukraine: the Western prime minister made an important statement

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Following a meeting with the coalition before the summit of European leaders in Paris, where support for Ukraine was discussed, Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico spoke about the possibility of stationing troops of some NATO and EU countries on the territory of Ukraine.

This information was reported by the Pravda resource , reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that the above will happen only after the signing of bilateral agreements. However, Fico stressed that Slovakia does not plan to take part in such actions, but will respect the decisions of other NATO member countries that decide to station their troops on Ukrainian territory.

Fico also noted that it is not yet clear what role these troops will play, since the relevant information is classified.

He stressed that Slovakia will focus on providing civilian and non-lethal assistance to Ukraine, and will also continue its support in demining and development of social infrastructure. At the same time, he noted that Slovakia will not supply weapons or ammunition to Ukraine.

The Prime Minister also expressed his criticism over the lack of mention of the word «peace» in the talking points ahead of the Paris meeting, noting that this indicated a lack of strategy on the part of the West regarding the situation in Ukraine.

He said that the decision to deploy troops lay within the competence of the Slovak national council, which must approve such measures on the recommendation of the government.

In conclusion, Fico noted that the summit in Paris will discuss a new level of support for Ukraine, and that the situation in the country is not developing as expected.

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