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NBU introduced new 50 hryvnia into circulation: what the banknote looks like (photo)

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It is made vertically.

The NBU reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

The National Bank introduced a new commemorative banknote “Unity saves the world”, dedicated to the unity of the democratic world before Russian aggression. Banknote denomination — 50 UAH.

The NBU noted that it is legal tender — that is, you can pay with it in a store or other place.

They also noted: the peculiarity of the banknote is that it has an original design — made vertically. Commemorative banknote «Unity saves the world» with a denomination of 50 UAH, it will be put into circulation on February 23, 2024. The circulation of the banknote is limited. It amounts to 300 thousand pieces in souvenir packaging.

What the new banknote looks like

On the front side of the new bill in the central part there is an artistic composition , which reflects the stylized outline of Ukraine, associated with the heart, to which the vessels fit. Background image — the image of a girl in a military helmet looking towards the West.

However, the new 50 UAH have not yet gone on sale.

“ The sale of commemorative banknotes will be carried out by the NBU online store of numismatic products from March 7, 2024,” — explained in the National Bank.

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