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North Korea has suspended supplies of ammunition to Russia: what is known

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North Korea has probably suspended supplies of shells to the Russian Federation by sea.

This information was reported by NK Pro, URA-Inform reports.  

It is reported that ships with ammunition have not appeared in Russian ports over the past few weeks. According to the portal, four ships transported ammunition to Russia: Angara, Maya-1, Maria and Lady R.

It is noted that the ships made at least 32 voyages to the DPRK. The last time the Maya-1 vessel called at the North Korean port of Rason was on February 12, and Lady R on February 4. During this time, the DPRK also did not deliver containers to the export pier.

South Korean journalists believe that the operation may have been suspended due to a production shutdown in North Korea or other logistics problems. It is also possible that weapons are being transferred from the DPRK to Russia by air or rail across a common land border.

Investigators also noted that a number of signs indicate a likely resumption of supplies in the future.

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