• 13/07/2024 15:30

On February 12, Putin is going to visit a NATO country: Reuters said what the head of the Russian Federation has planned

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This information was reported by Reuters, URA-Inform reports.

It is planned that this meeting will take place on the territory of Turkey, which, nevertheless, is a NATO member. According to information received from sources, a meeting between the Russian leader and the Turkish president is scheduled for February 12 this year.

It is important to note that Vladimir Putin’s ability to travel abroad has been limited since March last year, when the International Criminal Code the court ordered the arrest in connection with his alleged participation in the deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia, which is recognized as a war crime.

However, since Turkey is not a party to the Rome Statute of the ISS, Putin can travel freely to this country, avoiding the risk arrest under this warrant.

As previously reported, 2024 will be a difficult year for Ukraine: the head of the CIA warned what Putin’s plans are.

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