• 25/07/2024 15:29

Pensions abroad: Ukrainians were explained how not to lose the right to payments

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PFU reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

The Pension Fund reported that if payments are not received for 6 months in a row, the accrual of money will stop.

«To restore your pension payment, you must personally contact the selected service center of the Pension Fund of Ukraine with an application and present an identification document», — the message says.

In addition, Ukrainians who temporarily reside abroad and have received temporary protection or refugee status there have the opportunity to send an application for the renewal of pension payments with the necessary documents by mail to the territorial PFU body.

The application must be accompanied by copies of the passport, documents confirming receipt of temporary protection or refugee status and registration of the month of temporary residence. The original document certifying the fact that the individual is alive must be provided.

Copies of these documents must be certified by a diplomatic mission or consular office of Ukraine or notarized.

«You can receive a restored pension to an account opened in an authorized Ukrainian bank or in Poland, by international postal transfer. To receive a postal transfer, you must send it to JSC «Ukrposhta» application in paper or electronic form», — told the PFU.

In addition, if a pension or social security agreement has been concluded with the country of temporary residence, then it is possible to transfer payments to this country by contacting the Social Insurance Institution of Poland (ZUS).

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