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Pensions in Ukraine will be recalculated using a new indicator: what does this mean?

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Obozrevatel reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

In Ukraine, starting from April 1, it is planned to recalculate pensions in connection with the increase in the minimum wage.

With the expected increase in the minimum wage in April, Ukrainians who have reached 65 years of age and meet the standards according to length of service (30 and 35 years for women and men, respectively), will be entitled to a pension, which cannot be less than 40% of the established minimum wage.

Currently, the minimum wage in Ukraine is 7,100 UAH , and the pension for those who have fulfilled the specified conditions starts from 2840 UAH. From April 1, with an increase in the minimum wage to UAH 8,000, the guaranteed pension will also rise to UAH 3,200.

How pensions will be increased from March< /h2>

The amount of pension indexation is determined according to the formula approved by law. Half the inflation rate for the previous year is added to 50% of the average annual (data for the last three years) salary growth rate.

This is approximately 13%, as was announced both in the Ministry of Social Policy and in the government.

We recall that it was previously reported that Ukraine will be allocated assistance worth billions of euros: it has become known how much the country decided to help.

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