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Pentagon representatives are sent to Ukraine: it became known what they will do

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The United States is reportedly seeking to step up its support for Ukraine in light of expected increased tensions in the east of the country.

This information was reported by Politico, citing its insider in the United States, URA-Inform reports.

In accordance with the statement of General Patrick Ryder, a Pentagon representative, it is planned to send approximately 60 military advisers to Ukraine . Insider information citing the Politico resource confirms that this additional group will be actively involved in supporting logistics and monitoring weapons entering Ukraine from the United States.

It will also provide assistance to the Ukrainian armed forces in matters of technical maintenance, which will be critical in light of the expected increase in hostilities in the summer.

The move underscores Washington's growing commitment to maintaining a strategic partnership with Ukraine in the face of an unpredictable geopolitical environment and war with the Russian Federation.

Let us remind you that Budanov predicts a difficult situation in the near future: an alarming statement from the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate.

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