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Poland has made a fateful decision regarding Ukraine: a special ban will be introduced from April 1

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According to the statement of the Minister of Development and Technology of Poland, starting from April 1, the country intends to suspend the transit of Ukrainian agricultural products.

This information was reported by the telegram channel “Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine”, reports “URA-Inform”.

This step is being taken as part of plans to license agricultural exports from Ukraine, which, in turn, may lead to the introduction of new restrictions on the import of products from Ukraine to Poland.

It should be noted that at present it remains unclear how Ukraine plans to respond to these measures. At the same time, it is worth emphasizing that the foreign trade balance has always been tilted in favor of Poland.

This news raises serious questions and concern not only in the Ukrainian agricultural sector, but also among economists and politicians in both countries. Stopping the transit of Ukrainian agricultural products could have a negative impact on the Ukrainian economy, as well as on long-term relations between the two countries.

Possible countermeasures on the part of Ukraine can be varied and depend on further developments. Perhaps diplomatic steps will be taken or a search for alternative markets for Ukrainian agricultural products.

Recall that in the coming months: the IMF has updated the negative scenario for Ukraine.

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