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Poland is preparing changes for Ukrainian refugees: what they want to tighten

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In Poland, the period of temporary protection for refugees from Ukraine is extended until March 4, 2025. However, the authorities plan to tighten the requirements for their support.

This information was reported by, URA-Inform reports.  

One of the changes that the Polish government is considering will concern the right to legally stay in the country. Ukrainian refugees who want to return to Ukraine for at least one day will lose this right. For now, Ukrainian refugees lose their right of residence if they leave Poland for more than 30 days.

According to Polish officials, frequent trips by Ukrainians for recreational, tourist and business purposes indicate that many of them are not in extremely difficult conditions, but continue to benefit from the assistance provided.

The problem of heterogeneity in the registers of paid assistance in different voivodeships has also been identified, which opens up the opportunity for one family to receive support from several administrative units. In order to prevent abuse, it is proposed to introduce a common register, ensuring a more transparent and consistent distribution of assistance.

Information provided by social protection centers indicates a constant increase in the number of persons entitled to benefits. However, it is emphasized that in most cases these are people planning to settle in the EU, and not those who were forced to suddenly flee Ukraine.

The governors also express the need to tighten the system of providing benefits for minors, sick and disabled people.

We recall that it was previously reported that Zelensky made a new promise to Ukrainians: the president said what to expect in the spring.

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