• 16/07/2024 05:29

Putin admitted that the Russian Federation is an occupier: Kazansky showed how the dictator let it slip

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This information was reported by blogger Denis Kazansky in his Telegram, reports URA-Inform.

«We will not give in to pressure and give up those lands that we have successfully conquered», — Putin said.

Kazansky, commenting on Putin’s statements, notes that now the Russian leader openly recognizes the purpose of the invasion of Ukraine — the desire to seize foreign territory, in contrast to previous statements about the «will of the people» and referendums.

«The smoke-inducing unfounded statements about referendums and the “will of the people” have disappeared. Now Putin clearly states that the main goal of aggression in Ukraine — just a seizure of territory. This bears parallels with what happened in the Third Reich. Of course, this raises serious questions», — Kazansky notes.

Recall that Medvedev burst out with new threats against Ukraine: he threatened an “eternal” war.

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