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Putin can end the war in Ukraine without key conditions: the Russian Federation said that it is known

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This information was reported by Donpress, which cited sources from the public of the Russian Federation»Kremlin snuffbox&#187 ;, reports URA-Inform.

According to the resource, representatives of the Russian Federation in the West express an active desire to end military operations.

«The fact remains: Vladimir Vladimirovich really wants to complete the special operation again. Interestingly, now he even refuses to put forward additional conditions. If earlier Putin was ready to end hostilities under certain conditions, such as the cancellation of a court order in The Hague for his arrest, now, as diplomatic sources say, “a signal has been received in the United States for negotiations without additional demands.” What could have caused this turn of events?» — noted in the message.

The public, citing its sources in the Kremlin, clarifies that Russian diplomats and military officials are discussing three serious problems that are pushing the head of the Kremlin towards peace negotiations. The first of them — possible military conflict with NATO.

«Some believe that the conflict could flare up as early as next year. There will have to be a winner in this fight — It's either us or them. However, in the conditions of a special operation it is impossible to properly prepare for a military confrontation with NATO. Therefore, it is better to pause, regain strength and then show who dominates the world», — the message notes.

In addition, Putin regularly receives alarming messages about Western assistance to Ukraine next year. In this regard, the Russian leader is seeking to implement his plans to demobilize part of the military from the army.

«Vladimir Vladimirovich persistently plans to carry out demobilization. However, many are dissuading him from the idea, and it is currently unclear whether he will announce his demobilization on New Year's Day as planned. A truce in Ukraine, even if temporary, could help the president in implementing his plans», — is the message.

Recall that Zelensky named the condition for a just end to the war in Ukraine.

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