• 19/07/2024 21:10

Putin has a new mistress: The Mirror showed who she is and what she is famous for

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This information was reported by the above-mentioned publication, reports URA-Inform.

The publication notes that anyone interested should pay attention to the following facts about her:

  • She is 39 years old;
  • has a British diploma, specializes in art history and studied Indonesian ;
  • occupies a leadership position in an organization called the “Safe Internet League” and claims to be a “web censor”;
  • actively trying to remove any criticism of Putin from the Internet;
  • is actively trying to remove any criticism of Putin from the network;
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  • defends the views of the Russian leader in the context of military actions against Ukraine;
  • under the supervision of the Federal Security Service.

These facts indicate that Mizulina is not playing only the role of Putin's romantic partner, but also occupies important positions in the field of information and political activities, supporting and promoting the interests of the Russian dictator.

Recall that another country wants to sign a security treaty with Ukraine: “We should be next.”

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