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Putin has a new order for Avdeevka: the source said how much time the head of the Russian Federation gave to take the city

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Donpress reported this information, citing sources from the Kremlin Tabakerka, reports URA-Inform “.

It is noted that the order concerned the protection of Crimea from Ukrainian missiles, after 19 military personnel were killed near Sevastopol. The Russian leader reportedly conveyed these instructions during a recent brief conversation with Sergei Shoigu, according to Defense Ministry sources.

According to the author of the publication, Putin issued this order on Crimea after a Ukrainian missile attack carried out on Wednesday, January 17, on Sevastopol and its environs. Sources close to the Minister of Defense and the General Staff of the Russian Federation report that the strike had tragic consequences.

«We shot down all the missiles except two. Two missiles hit a Marine training center near Sevastopol, a secret facility. 19 soldiers were killed and 12 more were wounded. There were also losses in valuable equipment», — said one of the sources, adding that this information had not previously been communicated to the general public.

In addition, Putin ordered Shoigu to complete the capture of Avdievka by March 1, and, as a last resort, by 10 March, intensifying attacks on the city «right now». However, a representative of the General Staff warned that it is impossible to protect Crimea from missile attacks, given the supply of missiles by the Kyiv authorities.

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