• 18/07/2024 13:02

Putin wants to negotiate: ISW said that the dialogue will not be with Ukraine

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This information was reported by the telegram channel “Country Politics”, citing the opinion of experts from ISW, reports “URA-Inform”.

It is known that in his speech on January 1, Putin indicated that the enemies of Russia are those Western entities that seek to destroy Russian statehood and achieve strategic defeat on the battlefield using Ukraine.< /p>

Experts at the Institute for the Study of War emphasize that such a statement by Putin may be an attempt to exclude Ukraine from the list of declared enemies, anticipating possible negotiations with Western states bypassing Ukraine.

Putin, in their opinion, is strategic portrays the invasion of Ukraine as Russia's struggle against the West, while positioning Ukraine as an «inactive pawn», in order to mask its expansionist and maximalist aspirations to establish complete Russian control over Ukraine.

Despite statement of readiness to end the conflict between Russia and the West, Putin emphasized that this is only possible on the Kremlin’s terms, confirming that Russia is not going to give up its positions.

Recall that in the United States they humiliated Putin’s army: statement by a representative White House.

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