• 21/07/2024 21:27

Reducing Russian drone strikes: Svitan warned about the enemy’s plans for the near future

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This information was reported by Dialog, URA-Inform reports.

Reserve Colonel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Roman Svitan noted that the decrease in the number of drone attacks from the Russian Federation is a sign of the enemy’s transition to a force accumulation mode before upcoming attacks using UAVs in Ukraine.

At the same time, a military expert warned that a serious attack from Russian forces using “Shaheds” could be expected in the coming weeks.

Svitan noted that this could be one large wave or several successive waves of attacks.< /p>

«I repeat once again: they accumulate «Shaheds», but how they will use them depends on their imagination, – noted Svitan. “They get really creative sometimes, so you have to be prepared for anything.” “I understand that somewhere at the beginning of the week they will use a new type of tactic,” he emphasized.

We recall that it was previously reported that the West considers the situation in Ukraine to be a dead end: it became known who decided to make a confession.

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