• 17/07/2024 09:39

Revenge for Avdeevka: partisans carried out sabotage on the Russian railway

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This information was reported by «Atesh», reports URA-Inform.  

Ukrainian partisans committed sabotage on the railway near the Russian Volgograd. Representatives of the partisan movement «Atesh» noted that this had a significant impact on the logistics of Russian troops.

«An agent of our movement committed sabotage by setting fire to a relay cabinet at the Maxim Gorky station near Volgograd. For some time he stopped the transfer of military equipment. Coordinates: 48.681933, 44.328312», — the message says.

Activists of the «Atesh» clarified that this facility is very important for the Putin regime from a logistics point of view. This station — an important junction through which military warehouses go to Crimea and Rostov. Now the occupiers will have problems with this.

«This is revenge for Avdiivka! We will not announce the date of the sabotage, for the safety of the agent!» — noted by Ukrainian partisans.

The date of the sabotage «Atesh» did not announce for the safety of its agent.

Recall that it was previously reported that Ukraine will surprise with domestic weapons this year: Zelensky’s statement.

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