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Rivers began to dry up in occupied Crimea: an ecologist named the reasons

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In the temporarily occupied Crimea, rivers began to dry up en masse.

Evgeny Khlobystov reported this information, reports “URA-Inform”.  

Expert of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center (CRC), ecologist Evgeniy Khlobystov explained that one of the reasons — light precipitation. According to the ecologist, only in the Maly Salgir River is the monthly norm observed, while in the rest — up to 54% of this figure.

Because of this, the water level in some rivers has decreased, or the rivers have begun to dry out completely. In addition, the expert noted that the condition of rivers is primarily affected by the amount of precipitation, and the development of river banks leads to rivers drying up.

“These are natural processes: in Crimea there is now a relatively low amount of precipitation, and at the same time, water is taken from artificial reservoirs for everyday needs. Separate problem — this is development around rivers, because now development is chaotic, unregulated, and because of development, these small springs, which are elements of the active feeding of the river, are being destroyed,” — the expert said.

In addition, Evgeny Khlobystov recalled that in 2020 most small and medium-sized rivers dried up in Crimea.

“One of the largest rivers of Crimea lost its existence in 2020 — there was a dry riverbed there, and in the time of Ivan Aivazovsky there is a corresponding picture where you can see steamships entering the mouth of the Belbek River,” — he reminded.

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