• 25/07/2024 05:04

Scientists have found something on the ocean floor that they cannot explain: footage published

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This information was reported by the resource Science Alert, reports URA-Inform.

Another researcher suggested that there was a “big old hole” in the object, and suggested that something was trying to get in or get out. Another researcher expressed the hope that with further research nothing terrible will appear:

«It looks like the beginning of a horror movie»

An unusual egg, as scientists suggest, can become a source of answers to questions about the depths of the ocean and its fauna. The hypothesis is that some kind of creature could come out of this egg.

«It appears fleshy and has no obvious anatomy. There is a hole in it, suggesting something has entered or exited. But it's unlike any other egg I've ever seen», — said deep-sea ecologist Kerry Howell of the University of Plymouth in the UK.

Using the robotic arm, the researchers were careful studied the object, determining its softness, and then collected it for further analysis. It is planned to conduct a DNA analysis to determine the species that gave birth to this unusual egg.

Recall, the search for alien life: scientists have presented a radically new method.

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