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Scientists have found the place where life began on Earth: experts say what happened

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This information was reported by the scientific journal Communications Earth & Environment, reports URA-Inform.

Where was life originated?

They supported their hypothesis with previously published studies, computer modeling and laboratory experiments . Now scientists have announced that they have discovered such a soda lake in Canada — Last Chance Lake in British Columbia.

How did it appear?

Soda lake is formed due to chemical reactions between water and volcanic rocks, which leads to high dissolved sodium and carbonate content in the water, creating a solution similar to dissolved baking soda.

What's special about the lake?

Such lakes may also contain high levels of dissolved phosphate, which is an important building block for DNA and RNA and a key component of cell membranes. However, not only the presence of phosphate is important, but also its concentration, which should exceed the levels usually found in rivers, lakes and the ocean by millions of times.

Remember, people will be the first to feel the effects of global warming: scientists  called the first “symptom”.

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