• 15/07/2024 17:37

Shmygal gave an alarming signal regarding the Ukrainian budget for 2024: it became known to whom he addressed

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This information was reported by Bloomberg, citing a letter sent by Denis Shmygal to the coordination group of representatives of the G7 countries, reports URA-Inform.

The document emphasizes that funding is needed as early as next month, and it should be aimed at «urgent budget needs» Ukraine. The Prime Minister clarified that we are talking about “maintaining the normal functioning of the government, paying salaries to teachers and civil servants, as well as timely payment of pensions.”

Shmygal emphasized the need to hold an extraordinary meeting with donors in January before the scheduled event in March.

«We cannot wait until March to fund our social needs», — the Prime Minister emphasized.

It is not yet known how the recipients of the letter react to the proposal and whether they agree to hold an urgent meeting in January, tentatively scheduled for March, as reported by Bloomberg.

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