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Shoigu could also be dismissed: the source found out what conversations are going on among the military

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This information was reported by Donpress, which referred to the above-mentioned public, reports URA-Inform.

General Mikhail Teplinsky and his military allies, according to the source, will not respond to accusations of attempting to organize a coup and an attack on Moscow brought against Teplinsky.

One of the reasons for this behavior is the alleged possibility of Shoigu’s resignation already in the spring. At the same time, one of the officers close to Teplinsky noted:

«It is known that Putin expects the capture of Avdievka in early March. However, real assaults on the city, often led by Shoigu and Gerasimov, will not lead to success. Most likely, we will pay dearly for every meter of the city. After this, both Shoigu and Gerasimov may lose their positions»

Responding to a comment about the impossibility of eliminating the Ukrainian bridgehead in the Kherson region, a public source allegedly said:

«This is a completely different situation. General Teplinsky values ​​the lives of his soldiers. Our losses there are minimal. Unlike the days near Avdeevka, when we were losing hundreds of soldiers a day. We will drive the enemy out of the left bank, it’s only a matter of time.

He expressed the opinion that it would be better if, after success in the Kherson region, Teplinsky was given command of the assault on Avdeevka.

«Then the city would be behind us, and there would be fewer casualties», — he added.

Recall that Zelensky hinted at why he fired Zaluzhny: the president about Ukrainians and the war in general.

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