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Shoigu has a special request to Putin regarding Avdeevka: the source said what the Russian Defense Minister is calling for

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This information was reported by Donpress, citing sources from the Kremlin Tabakerka public, reports URA -Inform.”

It is noted that Shoigu appealed to Putin with a request to cancel the task of capturing Avdievka before the New Year, presenting «liberation» Marinki in the Donetsk region as a significant achievement of the Russian military forces.

According to him, Avdeevka will be extremely difficult to capture before the end of the year due to significant losses of funds and enemy resistance.

Putin recognized the liberation Marinka as a success, but not so significant as to be proud of it, saying this not for publicity. The President expressed satisfaction with the operation, but noted that it was important to strive for more significant victories.

It is reported that although Putin did not cancel his decree on Avdievka, he promised to return to this issue in a few days.

However, neither Shoigu nor other sources understood whether the president would insist on victory in Avdiivka before the New Year or agree to a delay if the goal is not achieved by the specified date.

Let us recall what Punishment awaits for failure to appear at the military registration and enlistment office under the new bill: list of restrictions.

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