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Shoigu may be hiding something: it became known what the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations dealt with after the crash of the IL-76

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This information was reported by the above-mentioned department, reports URA-Inform.

Apparently, the Russian military does not allow civilian services to approach the crash site of their plane in the Belgorod region. This is probably due to the fears of the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding the possible disclosure of information that could refute their version of the emergency incident.

According to a resource that is regarded as associated with the Russian special services, an order was received to stop the work of civil services on the site of the IL-76 crash in the Belgorod region.

The operational headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations ceases its activities, and only the structures of the Ministry of Defense and law enforcement agencies remain in place.

According to this information, the Russian police have been instructed to cordon off the crash site of the Il-76 and collect documents from survivors of the crash.

Perhaps such actions indicate a desire maintain control over information and prevent possible leaks that could cast doubt on the department's version of the causes of the incident.

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