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Should you force yourself to eat during a viral infection: answer from American scientists

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The conclusions were made by specialists from Yale University in the USA.

This information was reported by Medicalanswers , reports URA-Inform.  

Scientists from the USA, based on the results of a study, explained why during viral infections a person does not need to force himself to eat.

They noted that when infected with a viral infection, a person experiences weakness , spends a lot of time sleeping and loses appetite. For a long period, it remained unclear why the body refuses food when it feels the need for strength and energy.

It turned out that the whole point is in the process of restructuring the metabolic program. The human body switches to absorbing fats and producing ketone acids, which are necessary to counteract influenza and other infections.

During the experiment, scientists force-fed laboratory mice. As a result, it turned out that forced eating can lead to death, even if it is only 20% of the usual diet. The authors of the work indicated that a ketogenic diet is a necessity, because it helps to survive an acute inflammatory reaction.

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