• 14/07/2024 10:25

Slows down aging and lowers cholesterol: alcohol is said to renew the body

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This information was reported by U-news, URA-Inform reports.  

A nutrition expert shared information that drinking rosé and red champagne wines in moderation can slow down the aging process.

According to the doctor, these drinks are enriched with antioxidants, promoting the renewal of the body. The main secret lies in the substances contained in grape seeds.

“Red grapes and substances contained specifically in red grape seeds have long been studied and are widely used in medicine specifically as products that have antioxidant properties,” the expert noted.

The sparkling drink not only improves the condition of the skin, but can also reduce the level of «bad» cholesterol, and also has a positive effect on the brain and heart. The doctor insists on moderation, recommending drinking no more than one glass per day. However, it is important to remember that for some people alcohol is contraindicated in any quantity.

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