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Symptoms indicating critically high cholesterol: doctors said what to look for

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This information was reported by Rixelinform, reports URA-Inform.  

Doctors from the British Heart Foundation report that when left untreated, cholesterol problems lead to peripheral artery disease. First of all, these symptoms manifest themselves in the condition of the vessels that are in the legs.

“When the condition of the peripheral arteries worsens, the vessels narrow or harden, this leads to a violation blood flow in the extremities. This condition is dangerous for life, so you need to pay attention to the condition of the legs,” doctors noted.

Peripheral artery disease is manifested by the following symptoms:

-pale or reddish-blue skin;

-scratches do not heal well;

-hair does not grow on the legs;

-numbness and heaviness in the muscles ;

-nails become thick and opaque;

-feet hurt and there is a burning sensation;

-nails may become brittle and it seems that they hardly grow ;

-cramps in the legs and feet.

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