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TCC in Transcarpathia kidnapped a man at a checkpoint: his wife and child remained on the highway at night

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This information was reported by the people's deputy from «SN» Mazurash, reports URA-Inform.  

He said that in the Transcarpathian region, employees of the TCC and SP forcibly pulled a man out of a car at a checkpoint and took him away, leaving his wife and child on the highway in the village of Mizhhirya.

«The driver was stopped at a checkpoint by people in military uniform, and with harsh threats he was forced to go to the TCC. The fact that the wife and child remained in the car was not taken into account. They said they would issue a summons to his TCC (Dnepr) and release him. Deceived. In fact, after that he «disappeared». The phone was probably taken away,” the people’s deputy wrote.

As Mazurashu noted, the kidnapped man may be in the Khust TCC, or he has already been taken to the Rivne region.

«The wife and child remained in the car. They were waiting for him to return, and the military officers said the same thing… The woman had no driving experience. We waited, confused, with the child from lunch until the evening there, near the TCC. At night we already went to look for somewhere to spend the night. The police advised not to write a statement, saying that they would be wasting their time…», – People's Deputy from «Servant of the People» Georgy Mazurash.


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