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TCC issued a summons to the captive “Azov man”: it became known what scandal his wife raised

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This information was reported by the wife of a military man on her Facebook, reports URA-Inform.< /p>

The summons came to the address where her husband was registered, in the Saltovsky RTCC of Kharkov. She was surprised to say that the summons was sent to her husband, despite the fact that he had been in captivity for 21 months. The woman tried to find out how this could happen, but did not receive an answer.

«Saltovsky RTCC and joint venture of Kharkov treat my husband so tenderly , a fighter of the Azov NGU brigade, defender of Mariupol, who, after leaving Azovstal, has been in captivity for 21 months, that on February 14 they sent him a valentine in the form of a summons», — she said.

According to her, when calling the RTCC, the duty officer suggested that she take a vacation and come to Kharkov to resolve the situation.

«I remind you that almost two years of captivity — The district military registration and enlistment office does not even know that the person is in the service», — she added.

Later she made another post, responding to everyone who believes that a summons is at the door for the captured Azov citizen — this is «normal».

«I remind you that the summons must be served personally or by authorized persons, after which an act of refusal to receive the summons must be drawn up with the signatures of authorized persons and witnesses. It would be interesting to know who exactly signed the receipt for this subpoena?» — she noted.

She also reminded the head of the Saltovsky RTTC and joint venture of the city of Kharkov, Lieutenant Colonel Berezyuk, of the responsibility for organizing mobilization preparation.

«Officials guilty of violating the laws of Ukraine and other regulations on issues of mobilization preparation and mobilization are held accountable by law», — added Anna.

«640 days of captivity after being released from the territory of the Azovstal plant by order. 640 days of hell in Russian dungeons.. And also 640 days of complete disrespect from the local RTCC and SP», — she wrote.

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