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The Armed Forces of Ukraine have a new commander of OK “Yug”: it became known who he is and what promise he made (photo)

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As it turned out, in OK «South» There were changes in the leadership: Brigadier General Gennady Shapovalov was instructed to take the position of commander.

This information was reported by RBC-Ukraine, reports URA-Inform.

 According to the report press service, he expressed confidence in the successful completion of the assigned tasks and called on the team to work together.

«We have to solve complex problems that require not only experience, but also a creative approach. However, I am confident in our ability to overcome any obstacles and achieve our goals,” — Shapovalov said at the beginning.

According to him, only through joint efforts and coordinated work the Armed Forces Ukraine will be able to achieve significant results.

At the end, Shapovalov expressed confidence in his team and its ability to cope with the challenges posed to them in the conditions of war with the Russian Federation.

As previously reported, Zelensky reproached allies amid Israeli attack: “No one was drawn into the war.”

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