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The best anime to relieve stress: what's best to watch these days

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Wonderland from Juno and Dexter

This anime takes the viewer to the beautiful world of the Venetian planet, where trainee gondoliers explore amazing canals. Complete peace and harmony with nature make this anime ideal for relieving stress.

My Neighbor Totoro

Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece about the adventures of sisters Satsuki and Mei with the spirits of the forest. Charming characters and kindness make this anime a great way to relax.

Bar Kamchatka

The anime is about a talented and famous writer , heading to the island in search of inspiration. Humor and a warm atmosphere will help you forget about everyday problems.

Dance with Devils

This is an anime with elements of a musical and romance where the main character faces devils. Mesmerizing music and unusual characters create a fascinating world.

Homeless God

An anime about a god seeking recognition and his strange adventures with a girl named Hiyori. Funny scenes and unexpected twists make it ideal for relaxation.

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