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The bill on mobilization may be changed: the people's deputy said how it will affect people with disabilities

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This information was reported by the NV resource, reports URA-Inform.

The new version of the bill provides for the replacement of classification by disability groups with specific medical diagnoses. This will provide the opportunity to either receive a deferment from military mobilization or be completely exempt from service, depending on the nature of the disease.

«Significant changes have occurred because the new version of the bill does not operate with disability groups, but focuses on specific diseases that may serve as grounds for deferment or exemption from military service. These changes, in my opinion, are very significant», — noted Fraudster during the telethon.

The politician also emphasized that the new rules will apply not only to those liable for military service themselves, but also to members of their families. Having explained her point of view, she noted the importance of taking into account the diversity of diseases in the third disability group.

«There are diseases in which a person is able to perform certain duties, and there are those in which this is absolutely impossible. Considering, for example, tuberculosis, which is a hotly debated issue, we understand that being part of a certain group of people with specific diseases can pose a potential risk to everyone. It is important to avoid possible problems in the context of the defense of Ukraine, regardless of whether a person is in the rear or in forward positions. We must not allow diseases that require constant treatment to become an obstacle», — emphasized Moshenets.

Recall that the United States warned Ukraine about a huge problem: the expert said that the Kremlin was using it.

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