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The doctor called the “killer” of blood vessels: what popular dish can trigger a stroke

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Medicalanswers reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

Doctor Marisa Moore spoke about the dangers of frequent consumption of mashed potatoes. The expert noted that the popular dish can become a «killer» blood vessels and heart, subject to periodic appearance in the human diet.

«Mashed potatoes usually contain large amounts of butter, cream, whole milk, sour cream or butter cheese. Thus, it turns into a «fat time bomb» for your body», — the doctor warned.

The specialist explained that the most passionate puree lovers may suffer from an increase in the mass of cholesterol plaques settling on the walls of the arteries and clogging their lumen. As a result, the heart begins to work much harder in order to pump blood through the vessels and provide oxygen to all organs.

Such organ work, associated with constant load, is fraught with the development of serious abnormalities — the consequences of this process can be a heart attack and stroke.

«If your body already has a lot of «bad» cholesterol, certain foods and, in particular, the popular mashed potatoes, can aggravate the situation, which threatens the integrity of the heart and blood vessels. Potato lovers should pay attention to the baked product, which can be served with vegetables and low-fat sour cream», — a specialist shared her advice.

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