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The doctor told which blood group has the greatest advantages

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Doctor Yuri Gaborets on TikTok told why experts consider the first negative group the best. Details are reported by URA-Inform.

The expert noted that the first group with the Rh minus factor has special advantages, which makes it practically the best among the rest.

One of the key The advantage is the versatility of this blood transfusion. A person with the first group with Rhesus minus can be transfused with blood of almost any group, which in some situations can be critically important.

An important aspect is also the absence of antigens and agglutinins in the plasma on the surface of the red blood cells of this group. This helps make transfusions less complicated and reduces the risk of rejection.

Research also indicates that those with type O blood have optimal blood clotting, which reduces the risk of thrombosis. The lower risk of stroke, myocardial infarction, and peripheral artery disease makes this group especially valuable from a medical point of view.

Thus, the Rh minus blood group does have some unique features that make it interesting and significant in the medical aspect.

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