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The first neurological symptoms of diabetes have been named: what to look for

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Doctors recalled that when diabetes develops, the nerves are one of the first to be affected.

This information was reported Elegantwoman, reports URA-Inform.  

They noted that this can be noticed by the appearance of minor neurological symptoms, which people usually do not pay attention to. According to experts, nerve endings anywhere on the body can malfunction as a result of the fact that in this particular place the blood is too “sugared.”

A malfunction in the functioning of nerves is observed due to the fact that that they do not receive the substances necessary for work, since the blood ceases to act as a vehicle. In this regard, doctors have identified three neurological signs that may indicate the development of diabetes.

< p>«Numbness, tingling and pain — At first, these signals may not be noticeable, but with some types of diabetic neuropathy and its progression, they often appear suddenly and are pronounced», — experts noted.

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