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The happiest city in the world named: ranking data

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This information was reported by the Institute for Quality of Life, reports URA-Inform.  

To compile this rating, a British research company analyzed 200 cities around the world. The cities in the ranking were divided into three categories – gold (1-23rd place), silver (24-100) and bronze (101-200).

They were assessed on the following indicators: education, inclusive policies, environmental protection, economics and mobility, access to green areas, innovation, natural conditions and other things that affect people's happiness.

The city of Aarhus was the winner. in Denmark. It is recognized by experts as the city with the happiest residents based on the results of 2023. It is the second largest city in Denmark, located in the east of the Jutland Peninsula, approximately 187 km from the capital Copenhagen. It is followed by Zurich in Switzerland and Vancouver in Canada.

Top 10 happiest cities in the world in 2023

1. Aarhus, Denmark (1614.2 points).

2. Zurich, Switzerland (1611).

3. Vancouver, Canada (1605).

4. New York, USA (1602).

5. Geneva, Switzerland (1599.9).

6. Montreal, Canada (1596.5).

7. London, UK (1586.9).

8. Brisbane, Australia (1585.2).

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands (1578.1).

10. San Francisco, USA (1577.1).

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