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The Kyiv authorities appealed to the residents of the capital: what the Kiev residents were called upon to do

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The Kyiv City State Administration reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

He noted that due to the fact that WHO has called for continued observance of the mask regime and social distance to avoid infection with COVID-19, Kiev residents are advised to return to the mask regime.

«The WHO Director General made the corresponding statement after the number of respiratory diseases caused by COVID-19, influenza and other pathogens has been increasing in many countries for several weeks. In Kyiv, this issue is also relevant. After all, new cases of coronavirus are recorded every week. Among the patients who are hospitalized, there are also seriously ill patients», — Nikolay Povoroznik noted.

He emphasized that it is advisable for Kiev residents to return to the mask regime in crowded places to reduce the risk of infection.

«We are talking primarily about your health, which needs to be protected. In particular, if your condition worsens and the first symptoms of the disease appear, you should definitely contact your family doctor and, if necessary, as determined by the doctor, undergo timely testing for COVID-19», — he noted and recalled that the most reliable protection against severe coronavirus disease is vaccination.

We recall that it was previously reported that a huge plant will be demolished in Kyiv: what are they planning to build in its place.

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