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The lights will be turned off not only because of debts: energy workers named other reasons

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This information was reported by Today, URA-Inform reports.  

There are much more reasons for disconnecting consumers than the presence of overdue debt. Thus, consumers who do not allow inspectors to access meters or other measuring devices may be disconnected from the service, notes Prykarpattyaoblenergo.

Access to the meter is necessary:< /p>

— for technical control of the meter;

— to check data on consumed electricity and power;

— to measure electricity quality indicators;

— for inspection of electrical networks and meters;

— to ensure restrictions or shutdowns of electricity.

“If the consumer does not allow energy workers to approach the meter during two billing periods, then this fact is recorded in an act of non-admission and becomes the reason , to partially or completely interrupt the power supply to the consumer,” — employees of the enterprise noted.

At the same time, in «Lvovoblenergo» note that electricity can be turned off to consumers for another reason:

— do not pay electricity bills in garage cooperatives;

— have a debt for unaccounted for electricity (if theft is proven);

— are household consumers, but conduct business activities.

Recall that it was previously reported at what amounts of debt the residents of Ukraine will not turn off the electricity: the Ministry of Energy gave their answer.

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