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The most dangerous foods for the heart and blood vessels are named

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The cardiologist named the main «killers» heart and blood vessels.

This information was reported by Storinka, reports URA-Inform.  

The cardiologist  emphasized that the most dangerous product for the heart and blood vessels is sugar. At the same time, the doctor also listed other products that «kill» human cardiovascular system.

In particular, to reduce sugar in the body, you should consume less sweets, baked goods and foods with a high glycemic index. The doctor added that the human body does not need products that supply so-called fast carbohydrates. Among them, the specialist noted white bread, white rice, sweets and pastries.

The doctor said that as soon as a person begins to consume large amounts of foods with a high glycemic index, the risk of diabetes immediately increases, as well as numerous problems with work hearts.

The cardiologist advises to reduce to a minimum the consumption of cakes, ice cream, sweets, pastries, chips, and French fries.

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