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The most popular politician in Europe has been determined: Ipsos Group survey data

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Research company Ipsos Group surveyed almost 26,000 people from 18 EU countries to find out their opinions on various politicians.

This information was reported by Euronews, reports URA-Inform.  

The most popular was the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky: 47% of respondents spoke favorably of him. 

Zelensky is most popular in the Nordic countries (Finland 81%, Sweden 74%, Denmark 72%), as well as in Portugal (72%) and Spain (64%).

The most negative reviews about Zelensky were in Hungary (60%), Greece (57%) and Bulgaria (56%). The situation in Germany is ambiguous — there, 41% speak positively about the President of Ukraine, and negatively — 36%. The situation is similar with our Romanian neighbors.

Second most popular among respondents — French President Emmanuel Macron, 41% of respondents spoke positively about him, negative — 34%.

It is noteworthy that the least popular politician is in his own country, where only 28% of respondents rate his work positively.

Macron is the most popular in Romania (57%), Greece (55%), Germany (53%), Denmark (52%) and the Netherlands (50%).

< p>Russian President Vladimir Putin turned out to be the least popular.

In particular, 79% of respondents spoke negatively about the Russian President, 11% could not give an answer, and 10% spoke positively about Putin. Most of his supporters are in Bulgaria (37%), Greece (28%), Slovakia (22%) and Hungary (20%).

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