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The mystery of mysterious Chinese mummies that look like aliens has been revealed (photo)

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This information was reported by Arkeonews, URA-Inform reports.  

Archaeologists during excavations in the Chinese desert found mummies buried inside a boat back in 1990. It is noteworthy that the bodies and clothing of the ancient mummies surprisingly remained intact, despite their age, estimated at 4,000 years. Their facial features and hair color are visible, naturally preserved by the dry air of the desert.

People who passed into eternity were buried in coffins shaped like boats, the top of which was covered with cow skins. They were called «mummies Tarim Basin», and were sent for additional examination to establish the origin

“They looked like aliens from an alien planet because they were tall, wore wool felt hats and leather boots, and some of them had blond hair. However, the genomes of the 13 amazingly preserved 4,000-year-old mummies were not migrants bringing technology from the West, as previously thought. DNA testing of the mummies showed that they were local residents with deep roots in the area,” — the material says.

Research has shown that these people lived in this location from 2100 to 1700 BC, possibly representing the ancestors of an ancient people that disappeared in Eurasia.

Modern descendants of these ancient inhabitants may be found in America and Siberia. In ancient times, these people had already mastered highly developed farming: they wore clothes made of wool, built irrigation systems, grew wheat and millet, and engaged in livestock breeding, including milking cattle for cheese production.

Recall that it was previously reported how much one cloud weighs: the discovery of scientists will surprise many.

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