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The officer assessed the prospects for the war in Ukraine: “Not the borders of 1991”

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Obozrevatel reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

First Deputy Chairman of the Union of Officers of Ukraine, Captain First Rank Evgeniy Lupakov noted that our Defense Forces do not have enough weapons, people, shells, missiles and electronic warfare equipment.

When In this regard, he expressed confidence that with sufficient weapons, Ukraine could return even to the borders of 1918.

«Events are definitely developing in a positive direction for us, but it is very, very difficult and bloody for us, for our defenders, due to the fact that there are not enough weapons. Weapons are the most important thing that our defenders lack today. There are not enough shells, missiles, or electronic warfare equipment. In practice, people are deprived of the opportunity to fight normally. And this is the biggest problem,” he said.

He also pointed out a problem such as mobilization in Ukraine, which is why there is insufficient staffing in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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«If we had a normal number of people in the army, enough weapons, we would have long ago reached not only the borders of 1991, but also the borders of 1918. These are our true boundaries, which for some reason no one wants to talk about. We must talk about these borders today. But this requires people, weapons and, above all, the desire for power», — Lupakov summed up.

We recall that it was previously reported when the war in Ukraine will end: NATO gave its forecast.

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