• 14/07/2024 13:27

The OP responded to the Russian missile attack: what Ermak warned the West about

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This information was reported in TG by Andrey Ermak», URA-Inform reports.  

On the night of January 23, Russian occupiers attacked Ukraine with kamikaze drones, and in the morning launched a massive missile attack. Explosions occurred in Pavlograd, Kyiv and Kharkov. Destruction and fires were recorded, there were wounded and dead. People were trapped under the rubble.

The head of the Presidential Office, Andrei Yermak, responded to today’s shelling. He noted that the strikes of Russian terrorists were again carried out on civilian targets, including hits on residential buildings.

«The world must understand that to stop this terror can only be done by force,” emphasized Andrey Ermak.

At the same time, the head of the presidential office warned the West:

«And also the world must remember that Russian missiles are now flying over Ukraine, but if you show weakness today, tomorrow they will fly over Western cities«.

We recall that it was previously reported that the SBU detained the one who justified the missile strikes on Kharkov: what they did to him (photo).

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