• 21/07/2024 21:19

The people's deputy announced who needs to be mobilized first: “These know how to handle weapons”

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This information was reported by Glavcom, reports «URA-Inform«.  

People's Deputy Viktor Baloga believes that it is necessary to mobilize, first of all, former military and law enforcement officers who retired at 40 — 45 years. He emphasized that such pensioners in Ukraine — more than 200 thousand, but only a small part of them are now defending Ukraine.

At the same time, the people’s deputy was indignant at the fact that now they are primarily mobilizing those who have been civilians all their lives and need training in basic things, in particular, the basics of handling weapons.

«Builders, tractor drivers, loaders, mechanics, IT specialists, plumbers and electricians are mobilized first and foremost and defend the country, in while ex-law enforcement officers and retired military personnel, often with a painted disability, are of no interest to anyone», — the deputy noted.

Baloga is convinced that without the first — The country can cope with 50-year-old retired majors and colonels during a war, but without the latter — electricians, combine operators and, above all, young people — definitely not.

We recall that it was previously reported that because of TCC raids, a mother and child were beaten: it became known about the incident in western Ukraine.

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