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The Russian Ambassador received a “gift” from the Poles: what message was left for the diplomat (photo, video)

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On the anniversary of Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Ambassador to Poland faced a peculiar & #171;gift».

This information was reported by TG «Lawyer of Rights», URA-Inform reports.  

A group of Polish activists decided to send a powerful message by delivering a pile of manure to the gates of a diplomat in Warsaw. The action, according to participants, was a response to the activities of Russian agents of influence, which provoked mass unrest throughout Europe, including tensions on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

& #171;Yes, you can see everything well. This is the gate of the villa in which the ambassador of the aggressor country in Poland lives, the bloody flag of the terrorist country with the letter «Z» and 2 tons of crap and an inscription from the Poles: «Russia = crap! We don't want to see you in Europe! Get away!», the activists signed under the footage.

The Poles not only expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of Russian diplomats, but also clearly indicated the need for action on the part of Poland and the European Union. One of the organizers of the action emphasized that the goal was to send a clear signal, demanding the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Poland.

He emphasized that Russia is waging a hybrid war, and such actions carry the meaning of active counteraction in the context of informational and political tensions.

«Russian agents of influence have led to mass unrest throughout Europe, including on the Polish-Ukrainian border. As long as we tolerate the activities of Russian pseudo-diplomats and troll factories, the threat of conflict on a global scale will only grow,” he noted.


Recall that it was previously reported that British intelligence suggested what Putin was sick with: one of the symptoms was named.

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