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The Russian Federation began to transfer special units to Ukraine: ISW found out who is in them

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This information was reported by the official ISW resource, reports URA-Inform.

< p>Their words emphasize that the Russian command is quickly moving fresh personnel to the front, including airborne troops, bypassing the necessary training stage.

Meanwhile, according to experts, the above-mentioned recruits are given the goal of accelerated «defeat» Ukraine.

The Institute for the Study of War expressed this alarming information in its report dated December 23. Analysts also paid attention to the speech of Colonel General Mikhail Teplinsky, commander of the southern direction of the Russian forces.

In his speech, he admitted that the Kremlin is putting pressure on military units, demanding that they make quick and energetic offensives. As ISW noted, these actions indicate Russia’s desire to achieve operational superiority without ensuring full combat training of its military.

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