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The Russian Federation has a new goal for the energy system of Ukraine: Kubrakov warned the population

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Interfax reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

< p>He outlined this goal during a round table at the Munich Security Conference dedicated to the restoration of Ukraine. Kubrakov stressed that this year the enemy does not seek to freeze the Ukrainian people, as was the case in 2023.

“The latest attacks on our energy sector have confirmed that the Russian forces strive for a new goal — destruction of our economy. They are trying to disconnect key industrial regions from the power grid,” — he stated.

Kubrakov noted that this is a new strategy for Russian attacks on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine. However, he also emphasized the good news: thanks to the efforts of Ukraine and its partners, significant work has been done to strengthen the defense system and ensure energy security.

In particular, the supply of equipment has been improved, protective structures have been built, imported sources of electricity have been expanded and air defense systems have been improved.

«We are much better prepared for attacks this winter, despite all the problems», — added the Deputy Prime Minister.

However, Kubrakov emphasized that it is necessary to continue to improve the system for protecting the energy infrastructure, since at the moment not all of its components are sufficiently protected.

He noted that energy — This is a sector that requires constant attention and restoration, and this must be done without waiting for the end of the military conflict.

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